People, opinions, and you.
Why does it seem like people are constantly trying to enforce their opinions on you? I think that every person does this at one point in their lives, but lately a lot of people have been doing it to me. But I am very very very very very glad that by the grace of God I can get through the day without thinking ” I’m doing the right thing aren’t I?” Sometimes it even seems like they know that your mind is made up but they still try to drill it into your head, or sometimes they just try to drill it into your head anyways. What I think is very funny is that they are talking but they are trying to make it sound like it is addressed to everyone but they really only want you to hear it . Everyone has a different opinion on different things, but it seems like some people live to have their opinions known, shouldn’t we be living for Jesus to be know? I know I don’t do a very good job of it sometimes but I try.

This is Teri (seeing at i didn’t mention that before)
Night and God Bless

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  1. i’m not exactly sure what the topic is that you’re refering to, but it seems that you also have very strong opinions about it too. otherwise you wouldn’t be so bothered by other people’s strong opinions.

    i once heard it said, “those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.” meaning that if i get you to go along with something but you didn’t want to be convinced, are you really “going along” with it??

    a final “opinion” on the subject and then an encouragement: perhaps let some other mentors (parents, pastors, teachers) in on your feelings about the subject. and let them guide you in your thoughts and decisions. you maybe surprised, perhaps God is using those “other” people to speak some truth to you. they may be telling you out of “unpure motives” but knowingly or unknowingly they are preaching Christ’s words to you.

    now for the encouragement: teri thanks for enteracting and getting involved in the blog. personally, i appreciate it and think you’re off to a great start. i look forward to many more posts in the future!

  2. i think the fact of the matter is, not everyone is going to agree with us…and that’s ok. of course we want to feel supported by others in our decisions (especially by the people we care about), but sometimes this doesn’t happen. i think the important thing is to first of all follow what is written in the Bible, and also what you believe God has spoken directly to your own heart. We also have to be accountable to others…that’s why we have a church body. be willing to listen to the people who God has placed in authority over you and to the christian friends that you have (like what pastor abe said.)…and first and formost listen to God’s opinion and make sure that yours doesn’t contradict His. after you’ve done these things don’t worry about the opinions of others…it’s God’s job to change hearts and minds, not ours. we need to make sure that we are “preaching Christ” not preaching ourselves.

  3. Teri,

    For whatever this is worth:

    In college (debatish classes) I learned that the more advanced and mature thinking is Inductive verses Deductive reasoning.

    Meaning, starting with a small point and progressing bigger is of higher mental capability and value then starting from a big concept, and ‘breaking’ or ‘tearing’ it down into a smaller point.

    This teaching really testified to me about how adventageous it is to walk in obedience with the Lord. If the Lord tells you something through (1) the word, (2) or personally, and (3) it does not contradict what quality mentors reinforce (or what the Bible says), you KNOW and you can TRUST where the Lord has you, and where he is taking you.

    Also, the bible says something, to the effect, of ‘think of only what is pure, lovely, right, and just.’ Don’t let other people steal your Joy! Maybe they are just throwing their ‘stuff’ on you. They may not know they are doing it, nor may they mean to be harming you.

    Maybe what i have said makes sense, and maybe it doesen’t. I felt like sharing it, though! :o)


  4. Teri,

    I forgot to mention 2 Timothy 2:14-15…. I really like how that relates to what ‘I’ was talking about…

    …well, it relates in my head, anyhow…:oP

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