moving right along…

at this point, i’m not sure what to write about, but feel like i need something new. something that isn’t as heavy as my last post.

i am currently- and have been for the past five years- an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics. during this period, i feel that i have learned many things that have helped me become more prepared to be a princess. a princess is constantly God focused, family focused and others focused (in that order). she seeks to build up and encourage others. she is enthusiastic. everyone loves to be around happy, enthusiastic people, so be one! a princess genuinely cares about people and shows it by being availabe to listen to them.

these are just some things that i am continuing to work on and feel are important for any princess. i am not in any way suggesting we should pretend to be someone we are not. but God loves people and wants to love them through us- His daughters. He wants to use our hands and feet and ears to communicate His love.

so, on that note, take time today to let God pour His love into you. then you will be fulfilled and have something to give to others as well.

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