question of the week? – anything to say?

ok, first of all i’ll pose the same incentive as last week: leave a comment this week and get a candy next sunday night.

and speaking of leaving comments . . . now on to the question of the week:

do you have anything to say?

let me explain. i’d like to have some of you post onto this “reallife blog.” i’m pretty open to whatever you want to say as long as it isn’t obscene or in poor taste. but for the most part i’d like to hear your voices, and for your voices to be heard.

so what do you have to say?? maybe you’ll write about our thoughts or feelings about our “sunday nights” discussions? or maybe you’ve got a great story to tell about your uncle jim and the rabbit trick? or maybe you just want to share the site of some online game you really like? or maybe you have someting to say about social issues at your school? or maybe you just want to say that the greyhounds are going to beat the “insert opponent here” in this weekend’s game? or maybe you want to disagree with what Pastor Abe said during a sermon?

whatever you have to say, here’s the place to say it. i’m offering you a wide platform. if you’re interested in being a guest author on the “reallife blog” then leave me a comment and i’ll send you and “invitiation” to become a “blog team member” with the ability to author posts. hope to hear from you soon! don’t be shy, i know some of you know how to talk! 🙂

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  1. Don’t you hate it when you feel like someone is talking at you? They may ask “hey can i talk to you”, but all they really seem to do is talk at you. But what really bothers me is when you can’t seem to say what you really wanted to in the first place. I finally just told them what i wanted to say but at first i just was there, i don’t like being just there. I don’t understand why you think you are doing the right thing you’ve prayed about it alot but then someone just says one little thing and makes you feel like you weren’t doing what was right, I’m just glad that God gave me the strangth to tell them what he has been telling me for a while now. Sorry this is kind of long but it was open so i decided to write.

  2. hey teri,
    so you mean like a person is like telling you their point of view and don’t let you explain your own? that’s never fun. i would compare it to a load of garbage being dumped over your head…just remember that the steps of a righteous (wo)man are ordered by the Lord. as long as you’re truly obedient to Him, don’t worry about what other people might say.

  3. well teri,
    i’ll be praying…that can be a very frustrating situation. remember that the steps of a righteous (wo)man are order of the Lord. keep following him and let other people think what they want.

  4. actually jessika your first comment got posted twice and so i deleted one of them to consolidate! 🙂

  5. Hey Jessika,

    Thanks that really does make me feel better:) I think that will help me a lot. i have a ton of homework so i better go before i get into trouble lol.

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