good times with grandpa

my mom is visiting her sister in california this week so my sister is on “dad duty”. she describe’s her week so far on her blog.

and i’m here to show some pictures of his foot. apparently this morning he woke up early and wanted to go to his chair (a lazy boy type chair) in the the living room. then maggie went to work, by the time his caretaker, filipe, came my dad had managed to get his foot stuck between the chair and the foot rest. his foot was so swollen that filipe feared it might be broken or at the least spranged (sp?). anyways, they wrapped his foot and another dr had to look at the xrays tomorrow to determine what’s wrong. although it’s still a little swollen, he seems to be doing okay. and was very glad to see the grandkids.

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  1. his foot started hurting and swelling late last night (1:30am) so is probably most related to his fall, but I’m sure the chair made it worse. Oh also for you super speller its (Felipe)

  2. Hey how come all the pictures are backwards?? If i remember correctly the kitchen is to the left of the living room not the right…. unless you remodeled the entire house without telling me. Lol hehehe

  3. the camera on my macbook is like a mirror, but i changed a setting so all further pictures will be “auto flipped” (just for you)

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