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so as i write this i’m sitting on the couch with my wife and sister-in-law watching “the phantom of the opera” (movie). it was either this or “memoirs of geisha,” both of which score at a 10 or above on the “chick flick” factor. i had heard of phantom of the opera, the play/opera, but didn’t have any idea what it was about. then again, i don’t know much about “memoirs” either. and of course i was familiar with it’s trademark organ music.

so here’s my thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera” click to read more [+/-]

i do have to say that my mindset going into the movie was tainted by a review i’d heard. the review mentioned that “the phantom” didn’t play well as a moive, that it should have been left as play/opera. we’ve watched 37 minutes out of 141 minutes so far. and i’d have to say i agree!

now, maybe it’s simply because i’m a guy, because both of the ladies sitting to my right had seen the movie before and wanted to watch it again. (none of us had seen “memoirs”) or maybe it’s because it’s based on an opera, and frankly i’m not sure if i’d like the storyline much better as an opera. or maybe it’s because of the fact that they’re singing 90% of the dialogue? i don’t know what it is, but as the minutes tick away (90 left!) i find myself more firmly planted in the-guys-who-do-not-like-phantom-of-the-opera camp.

and i do have to say that my feelings are unique to Phantom Of The Opera (POTO). and here’s why: as a guy i have to say that there are quite a few “chick flicks” that i do like; pride & prejudice, the princess bride, father of the bride, while you were sleeping, meet joe black, even you’ve got mail.

i’ve only seen one other real opera, the nutcracker, and i liked it. (but i guess technically that was a ballet)

and it’s not that i’m against musicals, one of my favorite movies of all time Fiddler on the Roof is a musical.

so it seems to be just a POTO thing. i don’t like it, at least as a movie. maybe my feelings would change if i saw it on stage. but i put up with it for my wife’s sake. i love her and i’m sure there’s a thousand things that i like that she puts up with me simply because we’re married and we love each other.

so which side of the POTO camp are you in?? do you have any kind of recommendations for me before i watch “memoirs of geisha”?

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  1. hey abe…i bet if you watched phantom of the opera with emmanuel, it would have been more…ummmm…interesting. my brothers, israel, teri and i watched it with emmanuel a couple days ago…anyway you should ask him his opinion sometime…oh, and i totally agree with you about “you’ve got mail” and “fiddler on the roof”.

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