forced to write

i don’t remember where i heard this but i remember hearing someone say that the way to overcome writer’s block is simply to tell your mind to write. to force yourself to write. that’s the place i find myself today.

i’ve been encouraged in the comments to write more on my thoughts and views rather than just a recap of day to day events. so because i have an “inner determination” to write something on this blog everyday, here i am. it’s normally a challenge to try to think of something to write, but especially today when i haven’t written about anything serious since friday.

do you remember in college or high schooll that feeling you have the day before a big term paper is due? i have the feeling that that day is everyday!

on a different note . . . i’ve been faithfully listening to the RELEVANT Podcast for about a year or so. it’s very, very funny and sometimes even informative, insightful, and thought provoking. i will tell you it is usually about 45-60 min. long so it’s not something that you can usally sit down at your computer and listen to in one sitting. but you can easily listen to it while doing other things especially if you’ve got an iPod.

anyways, one of the things they are always making reference to is “segways”. so i’ve been trying to think of clever segways in my writing and in my conversations.

so for lack of a better segway . . . deb mentioned to me the other day during lunch that with her new perspective on life (see the pensive princess) she could for the first time see herself as a “sr. pastor’s wife.” now just to let everyone know i/we have no plans on becoming sr. pastors, we’re very content with our current position. it’s just that she never felt before that if i became a sr. pastor that she would feel like a sr. pastor’s wife. but now she does.

well the movie’s over and we’re going to bed. (i did take some pauses while writing – so i guess i didn’t force myself too hard) (it also takes work to find and put in all the links that there are above, so that took some time too.) 🙂

update:: i realized that i never mentioned “the movie” on this post, but rather on this one. (phantom of the opera)

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  1. I’ve always thought you have a good blog mix. You share your thoughts, but we also get to see what goes on each day in your home. we get to hear about armpit farts from a father’s heart. You’re a great father, and we love to hear the love and joy you have with your kids with the little happenings each day.

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