i’ve been looking for this for a while

i added a stat counter when i first started the blog. and weekly they’ve been sending me updates of how many people visit the site, how many are returning visitors, how long they stay, which browser they use, even the resolution size of their screen. but the other thing it shows is an ip address which gives an ‘approximate’ location of where the computer physically is that is being used to visit the site. (approximate, because sometimes the ip address location is for where your isp office is located. like my ip address shows up as Yakima, WA because that’s where Charter Cable’s office is, i guess). anyways, there’s people from all over the world logging into the site. some intentionally and some because they’re just “blog browsing” by clicking the “next blog” link up in the corner and blogger randomly chooses one. but over the past few weeks i’ve noticed someone from in or near winter park, florida logging in to this site and the reallife site.

so i’ve been interested to know who it is that actually reads this besides the few who’ve left comments of whom i know.

so the click the map below or i’ll also stick a link in the sidebar to add yourself and find out where everyone lives, and who they are.

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