english muffins and messy castles

the nice thing about being a real princess is the fact that regardless of how you look or what you do you are still a princess (it’s just harder for people to recognize you as one). i’m speaking specifically in reference to my morning.
i was just so tired that i stayed in bed as long as i could- ’til almost 9am. my 3 angelic ‘princesses in training’ did not share these same desires- they were up at 7:30. and wanting breakfast. i told them they could get out the english muffins we had just purchased yesterday. they didn’t have a problem with that- they did however struggle with separating the muffins. when i finally got up there were muffin pieces throughout the house- most were in the kitchen garbage. i guess when the english muffins became too broken up to fit in the toaster they threw them away and started over.
anyway, this mess doesn’t really seem too noticeable- the whole kitchen is a disaster. i haven’t done dishes for days; there are sticky spots on the linoleum that have been waiting to be mopped for longer than i care to admit. anna was commenting that the dishes in the sink smell like our garbage can. you could eat off of my dining room carpet- it’s covered with food. i just get so overwhelmed thinking about initiating a thorough cleaning. i’m sure everyone will flock to the targeted area and need to be held, or need to eat, or need a dispute resolved, etc. then my momentum will be halted- so i don’t start.
the thing is, whenever i get moving, my pregnant belly tightens up and i feel out of breath and exhausted. and i haven’t even done anything yet. but i need a break and i put everything back on hold.
my point is, no matter what your castle looks like, you are still a princess. even without makeup on, you are still a princess. even when your head hurts so bad that you want to cry, you are still a princecss. even when you are too tired to adequately communicate with your prince, you are still a princess.
the thing to remember is that your strength comes from the King of kings. take time to talk to Him throughout your day. ask Him for help- he will be with you. if you need wisdom- ask and you will receive. (james 1:5). remember, the important things in life are people- not things. the dishes aren’t going anywhere- neither is the smell. spend time with the ones you love. especially take time to be with the One who loves you more than anyone- and He will take care of you.

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  1. i like thinking i’m a princess. can i blame you when i don’t want to clean?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Hee hee, I’m always looking for an excuse! Thinking of myself as a princess makes me feel like i should dress up more, you know get the whole princess look going! Maybe I just want an excuse to go shopping! Can I blame you for that too?? ๐Ÿ™‚ great enouraging blog.

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