YOU are a Princess!

YOU are a Princess!
“How can this be”, you may wonder. “I’m not rich, I don’t have a little dog, and I really don’t enjoy wearing high heels.” Well, I have news for you. If you are a born-again believer, you are an adopted child of God. Since our heavenly Father is the eternally reigning King of kings, that makes you royalty. And women, that makes you a princess.

What does a Princess look like?

There are many opinions today about what a princess is all about. They “have a taste for life’s finer things: champagne with breakfast, custom lingerie, and kitten heels—even in the snow. At the office, [they’re] a corporate merger of style and substance, flawlessly handling the most difficult clients or performing life-saving surgery wearing snakeskin stilettos. [Their] romances play out like De Beers moments (well, in [their] mind anyway). And above all, they know instinctively that the real road to enlightenment begins with entitlement.” This quote comes from a book review called “Princess” by Francesca Castagnoli. It is one idea of what a princess looks like.

Another is the Walt Disney version: young, curvy, flawless heroines with angelic singing voices. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, the Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan, Snow White… yep, they all fit the bill.

Or, what about a real-life princess, like Princess Diana. She was known as the “people’s princess. In public she was elegant and poised. She was beautiful and classy. In a TIME magazine article it is remembered “how she listened, how she placed strangers at ease, how she embraced, how she remembered, how she was kind.” However, inside the palace, her life may not have been worth emulating. “Charles had resumed his old romance with Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of his friend Andrew Parker Bowles. Diana increasingly resented the relationship. The obligations and rituals of royal life also took a toll. Diana later admitted severe psychological problems.” (link)

The princess that I am talking about looks a little bit different than these commonly accepted models. She comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Her status is not determined by the location of her home, but by the condition of her heart. Does she know Jesus, personally? Does she take time to listen to the King? She may not even own a tiara, but rather uses her smile to dazzle those around her. The princess I picture is loved deeply by her Father, the King. In turn, love flows out of her to everyone she meets. She is not afraid to touch the unlovely and kiss filthy children. She knows that her beauty- which is first inward and then outward- cannot be diminished by loving the least of these. She has a calm confidence that any hardship that may arise can be entrusted to her King- nothing is too difficult for Him.

These qualities do not evolve overnight, but are developed over years of continuous fellowship with the King. So, the only prerequisite for being a princess is to be a child of the King. But, in order to stand out as one, you must practice the principles I will share in following posts.

Do not lose heart. You may only feel like a commoner now. But, with encouragement, you wil soon be walking tall and carrying your head high as you come to realize that you truly are royalty

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