whoa, i’m feeling old

i recently read Beloit College’s Mindset List for this year’s freshmen. some of the things make me smile, others make me go “hmmm”, some make me feel like i’m still young, and yet others make me feel old.

some make me feel old because i do remember something differently than what this class of freshmen does; like #6, #32, and #75. and others make me feel old because i’m not young enough to relate to them; like #9, #57, and #68.

in fact i kinda feel like i’m getting older because i’m older than some of the new teachers at the middle school i work at. my whole life teachers were the “authority figure”, older, smarter, wiser. well now i’m older than some of the new teachers that have just graduated and are getting their first position. (to be honest . . . i’m smarter and wiser than some of them too! but you didn’t hear that from me) 🙂

now some of you are agreeing and nodding your heads, “yep, abe you’re ancient!” and some of you are rolling on the floor laughing that i’m even having these feelings of being old because i’m still in my twenties and you were graduating high school when i was learning to crawl!
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the fact is we’re all getting older. time stops for no one. and at some point, should Christ prolong his grace, we’ll die. am i ready for that?? spiritually – yes. physically – i don’t have a choice if i’m dead, right? financially – yep, i got life insurance to take care of my family this past year. emotionally and mentally – that’s where it gets a little “if”y.

you see i had never really thought about it much, because in my mind i’m still 20 or 23. but as my 30th birthday looms near i’ve started to think about life after i’m gone. i’ve started to dwell more on remembering the “today” moments. you know those moments that years from now you’re supposed to look back on and say, “remember when . . . ” i want to be able to remember them.

i have a beautiful fabulous loving wife, all three of my girls are “prettier, smarter, and more gracious everyday!” i take pictures with our digital camera regularly to remember the kids at each stage of growth. that’s what i’m trying to focus on to remember; day after day.

gotta go, for now. but here’s one of those pictures i want to remember . . .

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