the day before school

well i can hardly believe that school’s starting tomorrow. on one hand it seems new and exciting to meet the students and get my job duties for my various classes this year. but on the other hand it seems like it will be more of the same old routine. after being at the school for three years now i can tell you jr. higher’s are pretty much the same year after year.

one thing that brought me to the reality of the new school year was a poster we saw at a resturaunt we went to tonight announcing the “Annual Balloon Rally Weekend” in prosser. every year for the past umpteen years prosser has been host to 20 to 30? (40?) hot air balloons. very pretty to see. anyways for the past two years i’ve been taking the girls early (6am ish) sunday morning to see the launching of all the balloons. so the balloon weekend at the end of september, FPU starting this week, SYATP also at the end of sept. and so on and so on are all reminders that time keeps ticking.

life: it is a moving!

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