the mundane life

i’m thinking creativity flows in spurts. we’re at the end of Fiesta 2006 today, and i’m at a loss as to what to write. i mentioned this to deborah and she suggested i write about what we had for dinner.

so a little background: my sister is the Children’s Pastor at our church and so she’s been really busy with the VBS. deb and i have also been busy with various VBS activities. so the point being we’ve all been pretty busy to try to each fix something for dinner or try to get away to even buy something for dinner. deb was also looking in our freezer at the beginning of the week and noticed we had a lot of meals in there, if we’d only take the time to cook them. so she took it upon herself to cook a huge meal every night for our family (5), and my sister’s family (5, also).

soooooooo, tonight we had carne asada and mexican rice with fresh salsa and chips. deb also made teriyaki steak because she’s not to partial to mexicanish type foods.

are you hungry yet??

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