wednesday wisdom – 8/22/06 (thursday edition)

well, call it what you like; a day late or a week early . . . here’s your weekly wisdom.

on “sunday nights” (i think that’s the working title for our sunday evening get togethers, you got any other suggestions??) we’ve been going chapter by chapter through the book of acts, but personally i’ve been reading through the book of romans. (i’ll let you guess where we’ll be studying next). romans is a powerful book filled with a systematic explaination of God’s grace and his standard for holiness.

i was reminded again of what the heart of almost every missionary is to preach the gospel to “those who have not heard.” faithful readers will know that last week our church staff went on a retreat. during the trip we looked over some census figures for our city. those numbers showed that approx. 36% of our city declared NO religious affiliation of any sort. so in a zip code with about 12,000+ people that’s nearly 4,500 that need a church. if you’ve never been to grandview, wa let me tell you that’s way more people than biggest church in our city.
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often times we (we, the church leadership) focus on checking up on the “regulars” who were missing from a particular service or gone for a couple of weeks. we focus on those who faithfully pay their tithes and fill the offering plates. they are afterall the ones who pay our salaries! and we lose focus of Jesus’ passion to “leave the 99, in order to find the 1” (Luke 15.

i’ve found myself trying to think of ways to “reach the masses” by putting on the next big event, going to the next big conference, or bringing in the best and greatest speaker. and yet i forget the need to share my faith to someone else. romans 15.20 states that paul’s passion was to reach “the ones who have not heard”. is that your passion?? take the time to seek God and ask for HIS heart for lost people.

becuase if you think about it, if we were to really focus on “the one” and were able to reach them . . . we’d have the biggest church in town. think about it!

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