abe went to the store…

hi- this is deborah. abe just left for the store at 9:30pm. (we need ice cream- NOW). so he told me i could write the post for today while he’s gone. i don’t really think i could keep up a blog every day just talking about my life- i’m very impressed with those of you who are committed to writing everyday. i mean, i folded laundry this morning and made meatloaf for dinner. oh and we had more vbs tonight. but i don’t have much more to say than that. hey, we did get some goldfish today (i needed them for an illustration during vbs tonight). they’re all 4 still living. i guess we could keep everyone posted on their life span. anyway, julia is out of bed again and i still want to get the dishes done before abe returns… so goodnight :o)

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