i’m in the middle of it

so as you may have read, i got a new macbook on saturday. so now i’m able to roam around ‘Fiesta’ as it’s happening, taking pictures, and blog immediately after. it’s awesome.
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once again another exciting day of fiesta. “Jesus is our Leader.” (viva!) last night before dismissing pastor jon challenged the students to get 100 kids here by thursday night and we’d have ICE CREAM! there were 40 some on monday, 60+ tuesday, and today there was 72ish. (i’m not really sure on the total count, but that’s close)

so the above pics were taken with my macbook running photobooth. all of them are of Fiesta, including the one of me and my mom.

in almost related news (related to my macbook). my mom is making me a custom protective sleeve for my macbook. i’ll post pics and share more when it’s complete.

and speaking of my mom . . . she told me today that she’s going to visit her sister in indio, ca to visit her sister. my aunt mode(?) is bed ridden sick; so depending on how bad off she actually is my mom might decide to move there with my dad. oh the possibilities.


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