get to know your pastor – a win for reallife

our church has been going through a book that talks about “celebrating wins” in order to keep people motivated to do the work the are called to. one of those wins is what is saw today.

we began our Fiesta 2006 VBS at our church today.

what i saw was many of you, the students of reallife, getting involved and participating in the fun and ministry. when i see you getting involved, it encourages me; knowing that perhaps i’ve had some influence in students getting involved with their faith. you’re the reason i do what i do. my job, my goal . . . my calling . . . is to “get you to still be serving God when your 80.” and the only way you can be is to be serving God now. in fact that’s how every man or woman of God has done it. they take each and every day otn it’s own and serve God to the fullest for that day.

that’s how you serve God when your 80, you serve him now, when your 10 . . . 13 . . . 15 . . . 18 . . . 38 . . . 52 . . . etc.

if you weren’t at Fiesta today, come by the rest of the week. we’ll see you there!

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