sunday night links – getting back on track

i’ve come to realize that sometimes even the best intentions and strongest resolve can be weakened or broken. my original resolve was to post something new to this blog and my “other blog”. but there have already been a few times that my current day’s post actually happened after midnight (like tonight) and in fact i completely missed saturday’s post because i wasn’t easily near any internet connection for any length of time in order to post something.
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so what does this mean for me?? well i’m still committed to posting something everyday, but i’m gonna give myself some grace when that’s not always feasible.

first of all here’s the video of that crazy guy and the trumpets.

next the basketball skaters

finally, tonight i promised everyone that i would have Youth Convention registration forms ready by next sunday, and if i didn’t have them ready that i would pay everyone that $5. well i’ve got a little behind the scenes incentive for anyone who reads this blog and comes to church next sunday night. if you are the first person to email me a reminder on friday & saturday to make the registration forms then i will not only have the registration forms available but i will give you a garunteed $5!

so the question is . . . does anyone really read this blog?? will anyone respond?? does anyone read to the end of the posts?? questions, questions, questions. all you got to do is email me. if you don’t know my email address then click on my ‘profile’ at the top right of this blog and there will be a link to email me on the left side of the next page. AND if there is only one person who emails me then i will give them an extra $2. so $7 total!!!

oh and by the way, i will be putting these kind of surprises and such into the blog every once in a while, so keep reading!

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