we’re on a retreat

well friends, believe it or not this is the post for thursday. as stated in the title Deb and I, along with Jorge and Maggie Najera, and Pastor Jon and Joddi-Jay are on a staff retreat this weekend. so we’ve been pretty busy all day and this is finally when i have some time to write.

we’re in portland, oregon. last wednesday each couple was given a task to complete for the weekend. and we couldn’t talk to anyone else in the group about what that assignment was or to get ideas on how to complete it. in this grand lesson on communication (or lack thereof) it was the lara’s task to be in charge of the “activities” for the weekend.

well we came up with a working schedule only to end up finding out that other people had other assignments like “food planning.” and that’s fine and good, but the only problem was that we weren’t able to talk to anyone to clarify that when we were given “activities” that it didn’t mean meals. (deb and i both agree that eating is an activity). so we had planned meal times and discussion times and fun activities. so when we found all this out a good portion of our planning was “thrown out” due to the fact that other’s had worked on that portion of the weekend. we weren’t to happy at first.

anywhoooo, in the end we’re having a great weekend and we’ve spent lots of time talking about our feelings.

ok so that’s enough; it’s late. here’s some pics:

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