$100 bucks and 100 flavors

so we’ve begun our wonderful grandview ag staff retreat. there was a whole week worth of “issues” to deal with before the actual trip began, but i’ll save that for another post.

tonight we went to an outstanding resturaunt: Park Kitchen. it was a small place with seating for only 30; besides the bar. but it was one of those places that made you feel like you were in a tv show critiquing the food.

the menu was seasonal for ‘mid august’ and daunting to say the least. even though there were only about 30 items on the menu as well; besides drinks at the bar. so we decided to do the “park kitchen experience” where the chef sampled for us pretty much everything on the menu. it was $45 per person + 18% tip added. so including my lemonade the total was $110.30. but boy did we eat a lot of things i’d never in my life thought i’d be tasting.

so there you have it; abe & deb have had their first +$100 meal together.

cheers! here’s what our trip has looked like so far.

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