wednesday wisdom – acts 21.4

These disciples prophesied through the Holy Spirit that Paul should not go on to Jerusalem.

if you remember from this past sunday, we read that in chapter 20 paul was “drawn there irresistibly by the Holy Spirit” to go to Jerusalem. so what’s going on here?? which Holy Spirit was right??
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does it seem hard sometimes to know God’s Will? do you ever wonder if you’re really doing what God wants you to do? do you question what you’ve felt God speak to you because someone else came along and told you otherwise?

may take on things: if your a child of God and listening to the Holy Spirit it’s actually pretty hard to “fall out of God’s Will.” too many times we live this Christian life as if the narrow road was actually a tightrope. the Bible does talk about a ‘narrow road’ and ‘few who find it’ (link). but it also describes God’s Word as a ‘light to our path’ and a ‘lamp for our feet’ (link). God doesn’t leave us in the dark. in fact, he’s always with us. scriptures also tell us that our God is a ‘Good Father.’ so he’s ready to care for us no matter where he leads. (remember even paul was told that he’d face ‘suffering ahead’ in chapter 20. and Jesus himself was ‘led into the wilderness’ by the Holy Spirit.)

now where we get confused is that we expect to know everything. every detail, every date, every person, every action that we are going to encounter. but that ‘lamp to our feet’ doesn’t show us the road around the bend, simply our next few steps.

so where are you today? are you struggling to know God’s Will? leave your comments. and come next sunday to hear more on the topic.

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