question of the week? – actor in your movie

so i’d like to get on a weekly schedule for posts on this blog. that way it makes my job easier to know what to post each day. albiet if something comes up that’s not on the schedule i reserve the right to post anyway. 🙂

but i haven’t come up with the whole thing yet. here’s what i have so far:
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sundays – sunday night links (i’ll post about stuff we talked about for the night.
mondays – get to know your pastor (random thoughts, facts, feelings, ideas, etc. about, well, me)
tuesdays – question of the week (i’ll pose a question to discuss)
wednesdays – wednesday wisdom (a portion of scripture with commentary)
thursday – ?? any thoughts ??
friday – internet gem of the week (featuring the coolest, weirdest, dumbest, most usefullest, or just plain “you-ought-to-see-this” kinda stuff on the web)
saturday – ?? any thoughts ??

so there you have it. any suggestions for thursday for saturday??

so being as this is the first tuesday i’ve come up with the schedule . . . here’s your question of the week:
if there were a movie made about your life which actor/actress would play your part? and why?

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