sunday night links – 8/13/06

what could possibly cause a reaction like this???? read on till the end to find out!

this past weekend we heard a joke on the “alpha course” videos with a joke that went something like this:

A staunch Baptist preacher who believed that only Baptists were truely saved was once invited to preach at a service on “Christian Unity.”

Everyone who wasn’t a Baptist was afraid of what he might say decided not to even show up at the service. Everyone except one little old lady.

When the preacher asked if anyone present was not a Baptist the little old lady boldly raised her hand.

He asked, “Well, what are you?”

“A Methodist,” she replied.

“Why are you a Methodist?” was his answer.

“Well I suppose it was because my father was a Methodist, my mother was Methodist, so I’m a Methodist,” she said confidantly.

With a gleem in his eyes he asked, “Well what if your father was a moron and your mother was a moron, what would that make you??”

Confidently she replied, “A BAPTIST!!”

in other news:

– plan on coming to the Northwest Youth Conference in Oct.

– we’ll be having our reallife.MOVIE night tomorrow

guys will be watching “Sahara” at Pastor Jon’s house. click here to see a trailer.

girls will be watching “Pride & Prejudice” at Pastor Abe’s house. click here to see a trailer.

– and finally here’s the video of the amazing Stevie Starr.

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  1. hilarious!!!! i’ll fix it.

    (for those reading after the update: i originally put “MORON!” when it should have read “a Baptist!”)

    hee hee :-0

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