anna’s new peeps

well anna and danielle had eye appointments today. they weren’t complaining about eye problems but we’d heard it’s a good idea to get them checked before they start school. (anna’s starting kindergarden and danielle will be heading to public preschool)
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last year the dr said that anna was fine but that he could tell that later she’d need glasses. well later is now.

we brought home some glasses to let mom help pic some out. here’s the three styles:

we finally decided on the blue frames but ordered them in red with pinkn on the inside.

should be here in a week!

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  1. so another LARA gets galsses. typical. I’m still the ONLY one without them. 🙂 hahahahaha

    Although they say you should have an eye check up every couple of years. so i was thinking about getting one done even though i’m not having any problems seeing. i just don’t want them to tell me i need them. i want to remain the only Lara without glasses

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