old fashion home town parade

today grandview had their annual parade to kick off the fair and rodeo. and these are some pics.

here’s our grandview float.

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the shaded sisters

anna’s hat is her chair cover.

julia waving to everyone.

danielle didn’t like the police car noise. she said, “they’re getting annoying!”

in case you wondered what the back of a parade looks like.

and that’s all on the parade topic.

in other news, i put links to some blogs of people who started blogs after i did (makes me feel influential) anyways pretty cool blogs here’s a snippet.

I have a dog, Heidi. She is an australian cattle dog – also known as heeler, dingo. She recently had puppies. Four. I think the dad was a boxer, but don’t know for sure.


I’m really worried about the rumor going around that every time you give birth you lose one-fifth of your brain cells. I’m pregnant with my fourth. You do the math… because I can’t.

Dandelions, Wet Kisses, and Handprints on the Door

a great start to two great blogs. enjoy!
(and remember to leave them some comments.)

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  1. did they throw out much candy?? seems like parades don’t through out as much candy as they used to when I was a kid. Or maybe I was just smaller so it looked like more.

    yeah sounds like that’s your kids new phrase “that’s getting annoying” it sounds so tween. they are growning.

  2. forgot to mention, yeah you are influencial. We all just want to be just like abe, el nino nino :}. when i told jorge i started a blog he said “figured you would since you started reading abers” hope you keep having great ideas so we can keep copying them! Hopefully I’ll be able to copy the Mac idea too.

  3. it was a fair amount of candy, esp. considering we don’t give our kids much candy.

    deb said, that anna and danielle picked up that phrase from your daughter. she said she hears cathy say it in reference to her brothers. (anna says, “of me too.”)

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