a great date today

deb and i went on a date today. we went to tri-cities to pick up my new “apple remote” for my iMac. (the other one my daughters had been sucking on it so it didn’t work right. so i got a new one, with my warranty)

then we went to see the 5.10pm showing of “Lady in the Water”. deb and i are both fans of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies. we hadn’t heard much from this one though. it was an okay film i guess, but he’s had better ones. i really, really liked the intro at the beginning of the movie.
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after that we walked through the mall on the way to victoria’s secret. we’d gotten a postcard for a free pair of panties. but on the way their we stopped at some jewelry stores. deb’s stated that she’d like a new wedding ring. one that matches my titanium one. so i’m planning on getting her one for Christmas. she loved going in there and the attention they gave us when they saw we were actually interested in some rings, even though we weren’t going to buy anything just yet.

finally we went to red robin for some dinner, and then ended up back home around 9.30pm

well i gotta go see my bride, goodnight friends!

here’s a pic from last summer. why? just because people like to see pictures.

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  1. Actually, there is an “s” in Victoria’s Secret.

    Just curious… How come you don’t have matching rings? Er, why did you get titanium?

  2. well, we did have matching rings, until i lost mine about a year or so ago. i used to take it off cuz my fingers were getting fat; and then i liked to spin it on the table. well the girls wanted to try it. i let them. got busy doing other things and then we could never find it.

    when we went to get me a new one i wanted to get titanium because i thought they looked cool, were a lot lighter, and we got a great deal on it because it was a friend of my mother-in-laws that manages the jewelry shop.

    that’s the story.

  3. A friend of mine got Titanium for his ring earlier this year. I was surprised at how light they really are. And, they really do look cool.

    Take care!!

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