Music Comparison Chart

tonight we talked about acts ch. 19. in this chapter a whole city was honoring God and turning from their old way of life. they even went so far as to burn their “magic incantation books.”

sometimes we need to give up the things of this world in order to follow God with all our heart. but the question comes up, “what will we replace it with?” and that’s a good question. well, obviously if we want to fill it with things that will glorify God.

so here’s my challenge to you: give up all secular music this week. and replace it with all ‘Christian’ music. “oh no, i could never do that!” i can hear you say. well in order to help ya i found this Music Comparison Chart. click on the link to download the pdf file. it will have one section that says, “if you like . . .” and the other side will say, “then try . . .” with various bands and types of music listed.

you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the files. click to download. (that is unless you have a Mac, then just click the link above.


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