so camp is over

for those of you that went to camp, it’s been over a week and you’ve returned to “normal” life. so now what? you experienced an awesome week of fun, games, worship, and God changing your life. you may be feeling like you wish you could go back.

first let me tell you those feelings are normal. we had an awesome week and your real life may not feel the same. but you can keep up friendships via email, im, or good old fashion letters if you exchanged addresses. and you also can keep up your closeness with God.

one student on the ride home expressed, “Christianity is kinda like the internet: you’ll probably get disconnected.” as i talked to this student i shared that it doesn’t have to bee that way. for example, i at home have broadband cable internet access. it’s on 24 hours a day 7 days a week; all the time!

so maybe it’s time you “upgraded” your Christianity. Pastor Alex Bryant (wwooorrrrddddd!) mentioned 3 things that we needed to do to keep our relationship with God alive.

1. Get it the Word. (Bible) this is God talking to you. are you listening??

2. Pray. You say Jesus is your “best friend.” do you talk to him??

3. Surround yourself with friends that will encourage you to keep it up. (reallife meets sunday nights @ 6: we’ll see you there!!)

email me if you have any other questions. or leave some comments you have about how you’re doing now that camp is over.

adios for now!

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