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Do you remember when Thanksgiving was just about gathering as family, eating good food, taking a nap, and maybe playing a game of football, or watching one on TV? 

You didn’t even start thinking about Christmas shopping until after all the leftovers were gone. Nowadays, many stores are opening for Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day encroaching upon family time. It’s hard to develop gratitude for all the things God has provided and done for us in the previous year when we’re flipping through ads for more stuff that we don’t have.

Yet, showing gratitude is so much more than just saying “thank you.” Grateful people are marked by more than the occasional expression of thanks. They are marked by their hearts, because true gratitude is given from a heart of love. And it’s an attitude we can show all year round not just on Thanksgiving.

So this month we want to encourage you to download FamilyLife’s free eBook, My Family’s Gratitude Plan. This eBook will be your guide to help you develop an attitude of gratitude in your family this holiday season and beyond. Inside you’ll find:

  • A “bucket list” of neat things to do to help you and your family really connect and spend time together.

  • Some great conversation starters to help you discover thankfulness and to draw those around you into meaningful discussions.

  • Several outstanding articles that share different perspectives on the importance of gratitude and giving thanks.

Simply go to to download it for your family.

Speaking of gratitude…let us take a moment to express how we are so grateful for your continued prayer and financial support of our ministry. For the last 9 years you have been a part of God’s provision for our family. And we are so glad to have you be a part of our team.

Thank You!