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I wanted to do something a little different this month for the newsletter and shine the spotlight on some of the other things FamilyLife’s parent organization (Cru) is doing around the world. 

Formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, Cru is a huge organization with many ministries that come under it’s oversight. What started as a ministry to students on the UCLA campus, now touches the lives of people in every segment of society and in every corner of the world. I can’t cover everything that Cru does, but from time to time I do want to expose you to other ways God is working through the ministry of Cru.

Nate and Lisa Buxman are friends of ours who are missionaries with Athletes in Action. The ministry of AIA has a presence in 205 campuses across the country, 35 professional sports teams, and 97 countries. Nate and Lisa work on the campus of the University of Missouri building relationships with coaches and college athletes from all over the world in efforts to win them to Jesus, build them in their faith, and teach them how to use their platform to reach others for Christ. 

Here’s an excerpt from one of their recent newsletters that describes the impact they’re making on athlete’s lives:

This is Kendall. When we met last spring, he would tell you that he saw me meeting with Rod in the dining hall with our Bibles open. He walked by, and felt a voice inside saying, “I should do that.” He ignored the voice and kept walking. The next week he saw us and heard the voice again. This time he approached the table and said, “Rod, let me know the next time you do this,” and quickly walked away. The third week, the voice got so loud, he finally sat down and said, “Hi, I’m Kendall, and I want to grow in my faith, but I don’t know how. Can you meet with me, please?

We had lunch the next day and I shared of Jesus’ love, forgiveness and hope of eternal life. Kendall was eager to repent and surrender his life to the Lord. God is doing amazing things in people’s lives.

Take a moment now to praise God for what he’s doing in Kendall’s life and in many other athlete’s lives around the country! Also lift up Nate and Lisa as they reach students on the campus of the University of Missouri.