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God continues to work in people’s lives through the ministry of FamilyLife. Here’s a couple stories of what God has done:

“This weekend opened up some very old wounds that needed to be opened so God could get in there and heal them. It’s been painful with many tears and much conviction. But instead of it bringing us down, it actually lifts us up. We’ve been married 25 yrs.”


“We came into this weekend being engaged for 4.5 years with no definite plan as to when we would get married. We’re a blended family, so we both have a picture of broken marriages. This getaway saved our relationship. I now recognize mistakes I have made and I’m ready to make a change with God with him at the center. We’re now ready to set a wedding date for this year. Thank you for answering our prayers.”


“My husband and I recently went through infidelity and porn addiction. We strayed away from God and found ourselves lonely and scared. We love each other with all of our hearts and we realized that need God in the center of our lives in order to have the life we are proud of. This Weekend to Remember has helped me to begin the journey with God and allowed us to find one another and remember why we fell in love to begin with.”


“I came with my ex-husband. We divorced due to him having an affair two years ago. But have come in the hopes of beginning a restoration process. I came with fears and doubts about that even being possible. But I’m more hopeful than ever. Our two year old and a baby on the way will grow up with a mom and dad that are together and stronger thanks to this getaway. Thank you.”

Thanks for your prayers for us in this life transforming ministry.