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Do you remember the first time you held a baby? So small and fragile, so cute and cuddly. And if it was your own child perhaps you tried to soak up the moment so that it would be seared in your memory. You tried to imagine what they would be like as they grew from the babe you are now holding into a toddler, then the elementary years, then the teen years, and finally a young adult. 

As Deb and I have seen our girls become young ladies we can confirm that indeed, “the days are long, but the years are short”. Anna will turn 18 in just six short months from now. 

With that in mind, FamilyLife is launching the biggest content launch in our 42 year history. FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™ is a video curriculum that can be done individually or as a couple online, or with others in a small group format and it launches on May 1st. And the first step of the launch is FamilyLife’s first full-length feature film, Like Arrows. (I’ll share more about Art of Parenting in a future post.)

Like Arrows will be available in theaters only on May 1st and 3rd. The movie tells the story of one couple’s raw parenting journey from before marriage all the way through their 50th anniversary. 

It’s being shown in 900+ theaters across the country, so there’s probably one near you. But based on preliminary response, we expect many theaters to sell out.  So invite another couple to join you and get your tickets today.

After previewing the movie, one father commented, “I thought I was doing a pretty good job as a father, but I realize now that it’s not enough just to have peace in the house.  I need to start thinking bigger.  This movie has inspired me to get more involved with my kids.  They grow up too fast.”

They grow up fast indeed, and that’s why we are so thankful for your partnership that allows us to be part of this important launch.

Together we’re transforming generations!