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Here’s a couple of items to praise God about, and some prayer requests for our family at this time.

Will you join us in praying for these 3 things?

1. Deb’s foot – You may have seen our previous email or social posts about Deb breaking her toe a couple weeks ago. Good news, no surgery needed; just a few more weeks of wearing one of those super fashionable “broken foot” bootsPray for a complete healing before our summer travel in July.

2. Haiti Missions Trip – Praise the Lord, both Anna and Danielle are now fully funded to go on the Haiti mission trip with our church. Thanks to all who prayed and gave to make that possible. Their trip will be June 21st-28th. Pray for receptive hearts to the Gospel, and for safety and health for the whole team doing the trip.

3. Pre-married Couples small group – In addition to our work with FamilyLife, Deb and I have become more involved with the marriage ministry at our church. For the next 5 weeks we will be co-leading a group for pre-married couples. Many of the couples will be forming a blended family. Pray for wisdom for us as we share God’s blueprints for marriage and family. Pray for these couples as they do the hard work of working through issues that will need to be addressed as they enter into a marriage covenant.

Do you also need prayer? Send us an email by clicking on the “Pray for me, too” Button!