so over a month ago our church held an outreach in the park. we actually held two; one for kids at one park, and one for teens at another park. we had great fun interacting with our community, mostly people that wouldn’t normally come to our church. and we also enjoyed hosting two ministry teams from Northwest University. Deb and I dressed up as clowns, it was great.

there was only one problem … we lost our camera. this was a real bummer for me personally because i had lost (or had stolen) my new black iPod nano earlier in the week. i had only gotten it about 2 weeks before from ebay.

we’re not really sure what happened to our camera. the outreach event was a thurs, fri, and sat. and we haven’t seen it since the 2nd day.

since both deb and i were dressed up as clowns and in the skits we did at the park we had another of our leaders use the camera to take pictures for us. after it was all over i don’t remember if we forgot to get it from him. he says he set it down on a table next to the props/sound equipment. i doubt that had we seen it we would have left it. but we’ve searched all over our van, our house, and the church (in case it made it’s way back there) and still haven’t found it. so either it still hiding somewhere, the other leader we let use it mistakenly threw it in his car and hasn’t cleaned it out to find it, or it actually was on a table and in the midst of us cleaning up and tearing down all our equipment some other little feet came by and carried it away?

in any case, we’ve been without a camera for over a month. we’ve missed having it for our vacation to Long Beach, a wedding of a friend last weekend, another wedding this coming weekend, and just the general cuteness of our kids (especially the twins who seem to be growing up so much as the weeks go by)

so we lost it on july 11th, we didn’t have money right then to get another one, but we did budget it into our august funds. so on july 31st (my payday) i put a bid on a camera on ebay and one. we finally received it last friday (after deb had already left to go to the wedding). the camera bag was in the van so i didn’t get around to putting batteries in until saturday and i found out that the camera was DOA – dead on arrival. 🙁

so i emailed the seller back that day and then again on monday, he was very cooperative about it and said that if we sent it back he would refund us our money including shipping. so i sent it back to des moines, ia on monday. hopefully he’ll receive it today and refund us our $$.

this was the first time having a bad experience with ebay, even though if all goes well it won’t be that bad since he’s offering a full refund. so i’m not sure if once i get the refund if i should bid on another camera through ebay or just go down to walmart or target and pick up a camera.


the thing is that there’s a specific camera that i like using. it’s one of the Cannon Powershot A600 series. what’s so unique about that series? it’s the pivoting lcd screen. so it makes it really great to take shots down low of the kids, or over a crowd of people, or self portraits since you can flip it towards you and see what you’re taking. and although i’ve never purchased any, a little ring comes off around the lens where you can then add professional lenses.

we’ve had one of these kind of cameras for about 3-4 years now so i’ve gotten really used to all the settings, how to take great pictures and basically i just really like the camera. but a new one at a brick-n-mortar type of store will retail for about $250. the one i got on ebay (that he said was working when he shipped it out) i snagged for only $101 + shipping.

so that’s the saga of our camera. hopefully we can get one soon. maybe i’ll check craigslist in our area. or maybe one of you readers has a camera like this you’d be willing to give, or i mean, sell. 🙂

do you have a great digital camera that you’d recommend? or a story of a stolen/lost gadget? sound off in the comments.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. hopefully a refund from an ebay seller
2. at least one of my kids wasn’t lost
3. the excitement of the olympics
4. anna and danielle are excited to return to school
5. ecto (my blogging desktop client)

PS. 83 days until Election Day in the USA.