so yesterday my sister asked for ideas to give her kids when they mention they’re bored. i’m not sure if the following video is what she had in mind, but i’m pretty sure that her boys are going to love it!

i mean, seriously, how did these guys even get the idea to do something like this?

i first saw this video a couple months ago when it was featured on the “best of YouTube” podcast. it’s a great site where it does exactly as the title suggests, simply to find the best clips from YouTube. sometimes the clips are funny, or incredible tricks, or amazing talent.

every couple of days they release another video to the podcast. usually that’s all i ever see. but if you visit the website, they have over a 1000 videos and you can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to rate the videos. you can also suggest a video that you’ve seen on YouTube.

i’ve really enjoyed getting this “cream of the crop” so to speak of this video site phenomena. there’s been a couple times that i’ll see one of the videos from the podcast and it’ll spark an interest in seeing other videos of the same type.

– – – – –

on a totally unrelated note, i’m sitting here watching the olympics and one of the commercials that comes on is for a Ambien CR, which is a sleep aide drug for those who are having trouble sleeping. i find it funny that one of the “important information” instructions states:

Be sure you’re able to devote 7 to 8 hours to sleep before being active again.

well duh?! if you could sleep 7-8 hours then why would you need a sleeping pill, isn’t that the problem?

– – – – –

so what amazing videos have you seen out there on the interwebs? (keep it clean folks)