so i’ve been scouring the web for a great wordpress theme.  and there are a lot out there, but not really one out there that has truly jumped out at me and said, “this is abe’s theme”.

so i’ve got some that i’ve narrowed it down to for now (at least until i can figure out how to customize or build my own).


default: this is the default wordpress theme that every blog gets when first starting a blog with wordpress.  it’s simple but not much frills and kinda boring.


minima plus: i like the simplicity of it, but i don’t really like the sidebar design, and i might want to change the site font.



ocean: i think i may like this one the best right now for it’s simple design, would like to change the pic to a more personal one, and maybe the post title style.



xplosive reloaded:  this one’s cool because it you can change the colors on the fly.  i might have kept this one without reservation, except the first time deb saw it she said it looks like “an instruction manual”. hmm, maybe a bit impersonal.



lean and clean:  this is a theme made by a “twitter friend“, todd hiestand. also a clean interface but needs some tweaking to add personal pics



resurrection:  this last one is the one you’re currently viewing.  (unless of course you read this post after i’ve already changed it based on comment input).  i first saw it on jody early’s site.  once again i like the colors (except the green grass at top) and layout, but i’d like to insert my own picture instead of a marsh.


i think you’re able to click on each of the pics to see a larger image of it. but let me know what you think.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. sleeping babies
2. making my babe happy
3. still a month left of summer vacation
4. not being in my twenties anymore
5. vanilla ice cream