ok, so i’m still figuring out all the features and settings of wordpress.  but one thing i just found out is that the first time you leave a comment it sends me an email to approve or disapprove, before it actually shows up on the blog.

sometimes i may be online at the time you leave the comment and the approval will be rather quick, other times i may not get to it until much later.

but i think (?) once you have one approved comment then on any future blog posts, or even that same one it will show up automatically.

i don’t get many “spam” readers/commenters so i’m guessing 98% of the time whether i know you or not i’ll approve the comment. but it will come in handy in case anyone is trying to promote the latest diet or “enhancing” pill or just plain being annoying.

so hopefully this won’t deter you from commenting.

i think it will also flag the comment for moderation if you include more than two links in your comment.

still undecided about this theme, i may look around more or just tweak this one. 

what you you think?