greetings readers!

i’ve recently gotten a .mac account and will be trying to transfer this blog over to iWeb. i’m not really sure how to go about this, since i’d like to transfer all existing blog posts over to it as well. so it may be a while or if i find a quick and easy fix it may be soon.

what this means is that you may or may not need to update your bookmark or rss feed (depending on how you read this site.) when the transition is complete the address will still be:

so if that’s what you use to read the site nothing will change for you. if you’re still using the old: it will bring you to this site and not to the site with the updated content. and as for the rss feed? i know that it will still have an rss feed, but i don’t know if that feed url will be different or the same what it currently is.

i’ll post one more time from this site just before i officially make the switch. just to let everyone know.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. cookies
2. fall weather
3. a car that runs
4. genius kids
5. a seven year old that’s happy to have heelys (thanks elia)