the baptism in the Holy Spirit

if you were there yesterday you heard my message on the Holy Spirit if not you can take a listen here. something’s wrong with “” servers so i’m not able to get a rss feed for podcasts yet, but hopefully soon. (btw, the audio is...

La Super Bakery & Sudoku

anna and i went to La Super Bakery (in case you didn’t get it from the “La” at the begining, it’s a mexican bakery). anyways, it simply amazes me how much our girls love going to that place. i had felt a little detatched from anna this past...

ok now i’m satisfied

i realize probably no one even saw the incermental changes that took place along the way to get here, but here it’s the pic i used in the sermon this morning, for anyone who wanted it:

ok, here’s what i came up with

it took me almost all day, but here it is. i’m still not 100% satisfied with the colors but i’ll work on it more some other time.

looking for a new look

ok i’ve spent a long time searching for a new blog template. no luck, so i gotta get on with the rest of my saturday with the family.